Hi! I’m
Ihor Tronza

Graphic Designer

My skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After effects
  • Premiere pro
  • Animate
  • Audition
  • Google WD
  • Cinema 4D
  • Figma
  • Reaper
  • Cubase
  • Corel Draw


online store

Photo retouching/editing, making web banners, create corporative videos, filming and editing videos for youtube channel.

chain hardware stores

Photo retouching/editing, making web banners, create advertising videos, filming and editing videos for social media.

Web advertising agency

Making static and html5 banners, banner resizing, create video ads, printing design, make illustrations for blog.

Ying Yang
Advertising agency

Photo retouching/editing, social media design, logo and corporate design, advertising design, printing design, outdoor advertising design.

Online banner maker

Making animated banner templates, banner resizing, create videos for ads and youtube channel, make landings and interface designs, photo retouching/editing.


Html5 banner templates

Examples of html5 banners templates in the Bannerboo editor. At first sight simple templates are hiding under a lot of manipulations with images: erasing lights and shadows and creating them again on a new layer, drawing demaged images or its miraculous healing, color correction of objects, redrawing of a new light composition of object etc. Also I created and animated vector illustrations for banners.

You can find more templates on the website BannerBoo.com in the category "Templates"

Bannerboo ad video

The goal of the advertising campaign was to draw attention of the users, convey vitality and mobile mood. Eventually formed task including stock videos close to meme style with basic text "tegs".

For creation text blocks, scenes and cropping images of people I used After Effects. For creation black ghost I used Cinema 4D. Small graphic elements made in Illustrator. For track writting was used Reaper with free plugins and VTS instruments. Putting video together in Premiere pro.

HTML5 catfish banner for Electrolux

Electrolux company come with launching ad campaign on the culinary websites. But in a month banner got really low rate of the clicks and views. I offered to the client to remake his banner because his creative was too pale and in pastel colors. On the sites with food where everything is so bright that banner didn`t draw attention. In this regard was offered and approved black theme (association with hightech kitchen, kitchen accessories) + bright food and ingridients. After realization and launching of this creative, CTR was raised twice higher than standard.

For creation of this banner I used Photoshop, Google web designer.

HTML5 banner for ukrposhta

Ukrposhta came with their own illustrations which client wanted use to make animated HTML5 banners with adaptations for desktop and mobile formats. Client didn`t want to make changes in appearance of characters and function Simplify in Illustrator was ruinning contour badly just like others similar serviсes. But every character needed to be animated. Vector animation didn`t consider because of mount of the dots that affected on the weight of file. Gif animation suit too because of bad work with alfa channel and index color. So I used APNG which works perfectly in this situation.
I animated characters in Adobe Animate with further storyboarding and assembling in APNG. The Client was pleased with the result and used our services many times afterwards.

For creation of the creative I used Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Google web designer.

HTML5 catfish banner for isei

Cliend suddenly came with launching his statsc banners but during communication with manager decided to launch at least static Catfish because our specialists hadn`t time for creation of annimated banner. Campaign was added to plan with last-minute deadline. The client had master banner which wasn`t adapted to required format. In the short period of time I redrew adjacent objects into vector ones where it was possible in order to reduce the size of the banner. Also added storyboard with animation. The client was very satisfied and came to us again with the similar campaign. The result was the same and he became a regular customer.

For creation of the creative Photoshop, Illustrator, Google web designer.

HTML5 catfish banner for tochka

There was needed to design a creative for the supermarket chain Tochka for its further advertising. The challenge was in the huge ammount of information which needed to be conveyed to user. Also it was important to make the attention-grabbed banner. The solutin was in the creation of animated dynamic Catfish banner.
In the course of communication with the client it turned out that promotional video is also needed. But there wasn`t any services and staff in our company for compliting this task. So I convinced the client and company management to give me a task of creation promotional video with voiceover. As the result - the client was pleased, there was good CTR of creatives and new item of video creation in the corporate price.

For creation of the creative I used Photoshop, Google web designer.

Thanks for your attention!